What is Tasty Andalucía?

Tasty Andalucía is a project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Andalusian Regional Government that was born with the aim of promoting the consumption of food and fish products from Andalusia. In addition to promoting knowledge of environmentally friendly food production techniques.

This is an initiative aimed at international tourists, to increase the visitor’s knowledge and identification of Andalusian agri-food products and, in turn, disseminate the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

For Andalusia, agriculture is one of its main sources of wealth, being one of the most important productive activities of the region. Many of the products of our land have a differentiating quality, which is a true reflection of the wide diversity and richness of the community’s agrifood production.

Throughout its eight provinces you can discover that every corner of Andalusia tastes of sea, wine, ham, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, tomatoes, olives… so many things that it is impossible to collect them all in one sentence.

The smell of seafood recipes floods every inch of the promenade that complements the almost a thousand miles of coastline that our land has. The vegetable and vegetable stews, the ways of preparing fish and wine are the essence of our gastronomy which is characterized by being a cuisine that works with top quality raw materials, hence more than fifty Andalusian products have certifications and quality distinctions, a guarantee for the consumer.

Producers who qualify for the Protected Designation of Origin are committed to maintaining excellent product quality while preserving traditional methods of cultivation and production. Thus consumers enjoy the best of each place. In turn, there are obvious differences that make it easy to recognize these foods.

An essential ingredient in Andalusian gastronomy and one that enjoys enormous prestige are the products that come from the sea. If you want to taste the marine delights of southern Spain, you can’t miss the best fresh fish and seafood that Andalusia has to offer in all its versions. A real delight for the most select palates that engage the traveler and encourages them to repeat the experience of feeling the sea in the mouth, feel the Andalusian coast.


Ratatouille with grilled octopus slices

Ratatouille of tomatoes from Los Palacios with grilled octopus slice.

Zucchini pappardelle and cod confit

Zucchini pappardelle and cod confit with olive tapenade and grated Payoyo cheese from Cádiz

Vegetable soup with squid noodles

Vegetable soup with Huelva squid noodle, whipped cream sponge and lemon zest

Bubble and squeak

Sea bass, sautéed crunchy vegetables and Andalusian Extra Virgin Olive Oil